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Down hole motor

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Product details

1、Product Introduction

Downhole motor is a kind of downhole dynamic drilling tool drove by the hydraulic power of drilling mud, and its core power part is a positive displacement motor.When the mud pump pumped out of the mud flows through the bypass valve into the motor, there is a certain pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the motor, it pushes the rotor around the axis of the stator. The downhole motortransfer rotating speed and torque through driving shaft to the drill bit.

The tool iswithsimple structure, convenient operation and reliable performance. The toolcan be drove by thepower fluid, such asoil-based mud, emulsion mud and clay mud,isadaptable and flexible, and can be applied to horizontal wells, cluster wells particular drilling operations, that can greatly increase the drilling speed and economicbenefits.

Compared with the traditional drilling operation that thedrill pipes are driven by turntable, thedrilling operation with Downhole Motorhas many advantages as following:

  • The drilling fluid input flow is proportional to the downhole motor output speed.
  • Downhole motor output torque is linearity relation with pressuredrop produced by drilling fluid through the motor.
  • Drilling rotating power only drives the drill bit,reduced the wear damage of drill pipe. It improved drilling accuracy and also saved drilling power.
  • Lower downhole motor output speed, greater torque, and longer net drilling time.
  • Downhole motor is adopted a group of multi-column thrust radial ball bearing, resistance to high pressure, and highpenetration rate
  • Downhole motor is adopted insert welded tungsten carbidetransverse bearing, long service lift.
  • Pressure drop of drill bit nozzle is up to 7.0MPa, high horsepower of drill bit hydraulic, rinse drill bit clean to prevent drill bit balling.

2、Place of manufacture: Mudanjiang

3、Lead time: 2-3 month

4、Specifications and parameters