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Puguang High Sulfur Compressor Unit



This type of compressor is a symmetrically balanced compressor developed for hydrogen sulfide conditions (up to 20% H2S content), adopting special materials and sealing technology to insulate toxicity and corrosion in harsh environments.

Product Table: 

Technical Features:

Ø R&D on materials and sealing technology

Ø Be applicable to high sulfur content working conditions (hydrogen sulfide content up to 20%)

Ø Adopt anti-waxing technology and develop dewaxing separator

Ø Apply start with load patent technology

Ø Formed anti-sulfur compressor design and manufacturing related corporate standards


8 sets of high sulfur units were applied to CNPC Tarim gas field, and the maximum operating time of a single unit has exceeded 20,000 hours, and 4 new units were added in 2020. The first ultra-high sulfur unit (15% or more hydrogen sulfide ) in China has been accepted for use in Puguang gas field and put into operation in early 2021.Total 14 sets were delivered.