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CNG Filling Station Compressor



This series compressor is balanced opposed design, driven directly by electrical motor, with reciprocating piston structure and modular design, it is equipped with various levels of discharge buffer tank,filter separator,automatic drainage and unloading recovery system. Instrument gas source adopts air, bottled nitrogen or natural gas. A variety of models can be derived through the combination of frame body and cylinder, covering a wide range of inlet pressure and discharging capacity from 300 Nm3/h ~6000 Nm3/h. The unit is assembled and commissioned in the factory, and the whole unit is skid-mounted suitable for gas booster gathering and transmission,CNG vehicle refueling station and CNG main station.

Performance Parameters:

Product Table:

Technical Features:

Ø Low vibration, low noise, easy operation and maintenance.

Ø Safe and reliable, high efficiency and energy saving.

Ø Heavy-duty frame with reasonable internal rib arrangement and integrated cross- head sleeve.

Ø All transmission parts are forged with high quality alloy steel.

Ø The unit is fully air-cooled, skid mounted box type structure, easy to install.

Ø Adopts special sound insulation cover, the external noise is lower than 76dBA.

Ø PLC control, monitoring temperature and pressure, automatic stop and start.

Ø Be fully equipped with safety facilities, and all kinds of electrical components meeting the requirements of explosion-proof natural gas environment.

Ø Be equipped with roof rails, sliding dolly and explosion-proof lighting inside the skid mounted enclosure.

Ø Adopts international brand valves and packing, with reliable quality and long service life.

Ø Highly integrated, can be installed in the open area with less footprint, simple foundation, easy to install, save investment and put into operation quickly.


This type of compressor is widely used in various CNG vehicle refueling stations, refueling main stations and sub-stations. The truck-mounted gas injection and recovery compressor and the Wen88 high-pressure gas injection and oil recovery compressor unit, with the maximum discharging pressure of 35MPa, are all operating smoothly in the site. Through gas injection and oil recovery, the Wen88 unit has increased production by 22%. High sulfur compressor sets was developed with independent intellectual property rights core technology.