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RDS Series Natural Gas Compressors



RDS series natural gas compressor are developed according to the gas composition and actual working conditions of each oilfield, and have reached the international advanced level. we are the only manufacturer in China that has independent core technology to manufacture large and medium-sized natural gas compressors .

The compressor frame can be 2, 4 or 6 rows, with stroke of 88.9mm,139.7mm152.4mm,177.7mm or 184.15mm, the maximum speed is 1500r/min and the maximum power is 8400kW,and more than 30 kinds of cylinders, which can be combined and adjusted to meet the different requirements of the working conditions. The series includes RDSA to RDSF models.

The driver of compressor can be equipped with diesel engine,electric motor,gas turbine, natural gas engine according to the needs of customers.

Performance Parameters:

Product Table

Technical Features

Ø High speed, short stroke, high power.

Ø Skid mounted, high integration, small size, easy to install.

Ø Adopts PLC control system with high degree of automation.

Ø Equivalent to adopt APl standard for design and manufacturing.


This series compressor is widely used in Sinopec major gas storage reservoirs, such as Shengli Yongan gas storage reservoir, Zhongyuan gas storage reservoir group, Jianghan gas storage reservoir, etc. The first 450OkWgas storage compressor broke the monopoly situation of imported units. The first basement compressor was applied successfully in the Wen96 gas storage project, its technical parameters have reached the international equivalent level with low vibration, low noise.52MPa high pressure gas storage compressor was also developed. High speed foundationless compressor was applied to the gas gathering in the Sulige gas field, the unit is placed directly on the surface of gravel base , without grouting and easy and fast to installation and transportation.