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High Pressure Compressors



This discharging pressure of compressor reaches more than 35MPA and up to 52MPA, which can realize high injection pressure ratio and be used in various fields such as gas storage, gas injection and oil recovery and gas production.

Product Table:

Technical Features:

Ø Installation without fixed base.

Ø High speed.

Ø Completely symmetrical balanced design, eliminating the unbalanced torque.

Ø Standardized, serialized and modularized design, flexible unit configuration and reliable technology.

Ø The cylinder can be used as double action cylinder and single action cylinder with flexible combination.


This type of compressor is used in Wen88 and Wen72 gas injection and oil recovery projects in Zhongyuan Oilfield. The Wen88 unit improves the oil production by 22%. High pressure compressor were also used in Baiq, Dalaoba gas storage projects. Total 20 sets were delivered.