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Tender Announcement on 20,000 Cubic Meter Demulsifier Purchase



Tender Announcement on 20,000 Cubic Meter Demulsifier Purchase


Tender Title:20,000 Cubic Meter Demulsifier

Tender Number:CMIT-PRT-10.30-230073-1



Bid Closing Date: no later than 16:00 (Baghdad Time), on or before March 13, 2024

The bid document purchase receipt must be received by emails to


All clarification and correspondences from Tenderers must be sent to all aforementioned Tender Contact Emails with official letter.

Bid Proposals must be delivered to Iraqi Office

Address: Room 239, FOD Administrative Building. Work Base, CNOOC Camp, Missan Oil Fields.

Tel: +964-7825060775 / +964-7810601649

Tenderer’s bid Proposal shall be irrevocable for a period 300 calendar days (“Bid Validity Period”).


Fail to meet any of below key factors will lead to disqualification:


l  Scope of Business must be related to the scope of work of the tender.

l  Legal Entity and Qualification of Bidder

l  Bid proposals are in properly sealed condition

l  Bid Proposal Period of Validity shall be as required in this TENDER DATA SHEET (TDS) (aforementioned Clause 11.1).

l  Bid Bond submission

l  Signed & Stamped Cover Letter (as per Section 2 PROPOSAL CONTENTS AND FORMS, Attachment 2A: Proposal Format of Cover Letter)

l  Price proposal is separate from Technical & Commercial proposal

l  Supplier must be product Manufacturer, any Agent is not accepted to attend the bid; Supplier must provide proof that the annual production capacity of its own Demulsifier production factory is more than 5,000 cubic meters.

l  Supplier must have at least 5 years of Oil and Gas industry experience and 3 years of experience in the related Demulsifier supply field and must provide proper track record in the relevant field with all authorized signatures and stamps.

l  The chemical supply contracts value of the Tenderer company must not be less than USD 57 million, and the Demulsifier contract value must not be less than USD 20 million in the past three years, and supplier must provide contracts with authorized signatures and stamps.

l  Supplier’s business license must include the related Demulsifier supply in the scope of work. The business license must be solely owned by the supplier itself and should not be from sister or mother subsidiary.

l  Supplier must provide valid Quality Management System Certification ISO9001, Environmental Management Systems Certification ISO14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) Certification 18001 or ISO45001.


Bid bond: US$ 1,196,000.00 (One Million One Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand Dollars) The Bid Bond must be presented to Company in a separated and sealed envelope and duly marked and stamped on outer envelope.


For more information,please visit FOD Web Site - CMIT-PRT-10.30-230073-1 Tender Announcement (